Why I am a chaplain?

The Central Support Hub is at the heart of Chaplaincy Derbyshire. The hub ensures our vision statement is outworked in all we do. It ensures all prospective chaplains, long serving chaplains, and those partnering with Chaplaincy Derbyshire, are equipped with the relevant information, training and support.

Core fundamentals: Listening, Caring and Being There. Ensuring all chaplains understand how to use biblical principles as a chaplain.

Safeguarding: Every area of chaplaincy requires basic safeguarding awareness and training. As part of sector training, more specific safeguarding training may be required before commencing any chaplaincy work. Report a Concern Here

Finances: Chaplaincy does incur costs. We do not ask those seeking a chaplain to have to pay for someone to sit with them and listen to their needs. However, travel, training, resources, and chaplain well-being does incur costs. All of our funds are donated through organisations investing into the development and equipping of chaplaincy.

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All chaplains will receive:

Formal Induction

Hand Books

ID Badge


DBS Checks

The Central Support Hub will keep a database of records and process any complaints and grievances.

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All chaplains will receive:

Safeguarding Training

Sector Specific Training

Good practice and guideline training

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The Central Support Hub promotes a framework to ensure no chaplain is left unsupported. During the probationary period, new chaplains will be provided with mentors and invited into a hub of local chaplains.

There will always be worship and spiritual teaching at training days and a chance to network with other chaplains.

Need to contact the Central Support Hub?  Click Here

Meet the Trustees

Joy Bates


Dr William Pool


Rev Robert Atkins


Deborah-Anne Budge-Burrows


Sandra Hind


Rev Anita Matthews


The Hubs

The hubs are geographical groups of chaplains who serve in a variety of sectors. These hubs meet for prayer support and more regularly than the full chaplaincy days previously hosted by Chaplaincy Derbyshire. Learn more

The Sectors of Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy Derbyshire covers a range of sectors. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the exciting opportunities available.