Chaplaincy Derbyshire is a Christian multi-denominational organisation with a passion to serve the people of Derbyshire through the work of chaplaincy.

Although Chaplaincy Derbyshire is a Christian organisation, they are available for people of all faiths or no faith, and provide a non-judgemental safe space for anyone who needs someone to talk to.

Chaplaincy Derbyshire was formed after the amalgamation of Workplace Chaplaincy in Derbyshire, Rural Chaplaincy Derbyshire Town Centre Chaplaincy, educational, social and health care chaplaincies.

The Vision

The equipping, training and supporting of Christian chaplains for the well-being of people connected to Derbyshire.

Outworking the vision

Chaplaincy Derbyshire will ensure all chaplains are equipped for their area of chaplaincy they wish to do. Uniforms and ID badges are provided for all chaplains as evidence that they have been safely recruited and equipped for their work and have agreed to uphold the values of Chaplaincy Derbyshire.

Chaplaincy Derbyshire will provide the framework for all chaplains to ensure good governance of the organisation, mandatory and on-going training and support.

Chaplaincy Derbyshire will provide training to develop skills. There will be mandatory training such as safeguarding and sector specific additional resources.

Chaplaincy Derbyshire encourages all chaplains to have good support networks. We aim to be a relational organisation, where every chaplain knows that they have access to support, encouragement and advice.

Listening, Caring and Being there. 



Being There

We understand that well-being can involve whole person care and may give attention to body, mind and spirit as requested or required.

Sometimes you just want to be heard by someone who will listen.

Chaplains offer non-judgmental free support for anyone with any faith or with no faith. The confidential pastoral one to one support can provide a much needed space to talk through a bereavement, financial concerns, relationships, work pressures and so much more.

Chaplaincy Derbyshire recognise that families and colleagues may live or work across the borders of Derbyshire. But provided there is a connection to Derbyshire, we can offer our service.

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